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Create impulse sales cont'd
Another example of how signs can be very effective at influencing a customer's buying habits is the Belmont Auto Spa in southern California.

The business was profitable but not as much as expected. Unfortunately, the original sign, although expensive and well placed, was poorly designed. Its lack of color contrast prevented it from standing out from the background and it couldn't be seen or read at a distance. Further, since the sign didn't have any of the characteristic visual features one would expect for a car wash, drivers didn't recognize it as one and drove right on by.

The owner invested $15,000 in a new pole sign that was well-designed. The strong, first-read pictorial graphic immediately identified Belmont as a car wash and the colors were contrasting and lively. A reader board was also added to highlight specials such as detailing.

In its first year, the new sign produced a 15% increase in overall business, which translated into an additional $135,000.00 nearly nine times the cost of the sign.
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