If you can dream it....
      we can build it!
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So you're ready to have a new commercial sign built for your business, but what will it look like?, how tall will it be? where will you put it?......Rest assured Pro-Tech can help. We will be there from beginning to end and supply you with detailed renderings of your sign and also create digital renderings of the sign in front of your business so you will know exactly what it will look like when completed.

Now you know what you want your new sign to look like....what next? Next our fabrication team starts manufacturing your new sign. Every sign is built right here in our shop. From welding to painting and graphics to lighting, we handle it all in house.

Your new sign in designed and built now the fun part....installation. Pro-Tech will handle every aspect of your installation including city permitting. Most cities require a permit to erect a commercial sign, dont bother with all of that, let us take care of it for you and install your sign properly, professionally and most of all legally! We are completely licensed, bonded and insured so you can be sure everything will be perfect!

Uh oh! Your sign has been up for a while and now light bulbs are starting to burn out. No worries, we do that too. Nothing looks worse than a beautiful sign that doesn't light properly. As with all lighting fixtures, light bulbs will burn out eventually. That's why Pro-Tech offers maintenance and maintenance contracts on every sign we sell or didn't sell. Does your sign light properly at night? If not give us a call, we can fix it!

Thats right! We handle just about any commercial outdoor lighting. If you have any security lighting or parking lot lighting that needs attention due to bulbs out or being hit by a crazy driver we can help with that too. Not only do we repair parking lot lighting we install them and also offer LED retro fits to eliminate those energy consuming Metal Halide lamps. Give us a call to learn more about green LED parking lot lighting.
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